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Bolt Buddy

Bolt Buddy Door Reinforcement Products
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Bolt Buddy

Door Reinforcement Products

Bolt Buddy-Door Reinforcement Products-Door and Jamb Strikers

BOLT BUDDY and related accessories strengthen and protect the weakness of the door jamb, door, deadbolt and hinges. These products are revolutionary on the market and prevent the burglar easy access by kicking and prying the door.

The two steel bracket system is bolted from the inside to the outside of the door jamb. This system acts like a vise equalizing the stress of an attack over the entire door and door frame, helping to prevent the splitting of doors and door jambs. The sturdy BOLT BUDDY has SECURITY inscribed on the outside plates which also act as a visual deterrent.

- Available in many different colors to match existing hardware.
- Many accessories available. All products PATENTED.
- Highly recommended by Security Professionals.

Door Striker
- Used to reinforce drive-in style deadbolts by supporting the outer edge of the bolt collar and can be used to allow existing older style bolts with an outer flange to be replaced by drive-in bolts.
- Helps repair and align previously damaged bolt tunnels in kicked-in doors in homes and businesses. Helps to distribute force to the BOLT BUDDY and the door frame.

Jamb Striker
- Used to replace new or existing strikers for added reinforcement.
- Many existing door frames have had their original strikers moved a number of times because of misalignment with the existing bolt. Over time this usually leaves a number of chisel marks on the frame. The installation of the STRIKER will help cover these marks and will match your BOLT BUDDY in color and length.
- High security screws are also included that match the bolts of the BOLT BUDDY. The plates are designed to allow for bolts from the BOLT BUDDY to pass the screws of the strike without interference.
- The STRIKER helps to distribute force to the BOLT BUDDY and wall framing.
- Many frames can be salvaged after a break-in by using glue, a BOLT BUDDY and a STRIKER.

Both Door and Jamb Stikers
- Both Door and Jamb Strikers also help to keep doors and jambs square and distribute pressure from prying or jacking to the framing members.
- The screw holes in the plate are not countersunk (which leaves a knife edge that will allow the screw heads to tear out of the holes) but are “stretched” to supply a greater surface area of plate against the screw head. The extended holes also allow for a better grip on the surface of both the door and jamb.
- High security 1/4” diameter screws are supplied in each set to match the color and style of your BOLT BUDDY.

Bolt Buddy

Jimmy Plate, Door Viewer & Hinge Screws

Bolt Buddy-Door Reinforcement Products-Jimmy Plate-Door Viewer-Hinge Screw

The Jimmy Plate is designed to work in conjunction with the BOLT BUDDY.
- Many commercial doors have hollow steel frames. Unfortunately, when the frames are hollow this allows for a crowbar or screw driver to crush the frame away from the extended deadbolt.
- Designed to work in conjunction with the BOLT BUDDY our Jimmy Plate is easily placed underneath the interior or exterior BOLT BUDDY door plate.
- A corresponding slot is cut (grinding wheel, sawsall, etc.) into the door frame that will accept the flange of the Jimmy Plate. with the door in a closed position the frame and door will be interconnected thus helping to prevent the frame from being crushed and pulled away from the extended deadbolt.

The Door Viewer is solid brass construction and has an interior lens shutter. It has 180° glass optic lens.
Body Features
- Solid Brass Construction. No plastic to crack or break.
- Lens Shutter prevents dust, etc. from collecting on the lens and allows for a “finished” look to the most expensive doors.
- Glass Optic Lens helps prevent “fogging” and allows more light for night viewing.
Installation Features
- Extra Wide Flanges help with ease of installation for D.I.Y. installers. Coverage for “oval” or “splintered” holes.
- Fits doors from 1 1/2” to 2 1/4” thick for standard and custom doors.
- Flexible Hole Size 7/8” (preferred) - 1” hole size.
Security Features
- Lens Shutter prevents viewing from exterior to interior and prevents interior light from shining through viewer (not so obvious for visitors to tell when your looking out). Allows for a “finished” look to the most expensive doors.
- 180° Ultra Wide View for maximum view from top, bottom and side to side of door. Helps prevent “surprise” visitors. Large lens allows for less distortion of view and allows more light for easier night viewing.

- The Hinge Screw is used to prevent closed doors from being removed from their hinges when the hinge pins are removed. A screw is removed from the door side of the hinge and the corresponding screw from the jamb side. The jamb side or door side (whichever is most convenient) then receives the Hinge Screw. When the door is closed the protruding head of the screw enters the corresponding screw hole on the other hinge plate thus not allowing the hinges to pass one another when the hinge pins are removed. For use in steel or concrete frames use an appropriate sized expanding plug.
- Adjustable to various penetrating depths into the jamb and the door. The reason for this is to allow the screw to penetrate to a maximum depth into the door and frame so that it may be protected by the BOLT BUDDY on the frame and door.

Bolt Buddy

High Security Chain

Bolt Buddy-Door Reinforcement Products-High Security Chain

- The High Security Chain assembly plates are mounted “under” the BOLT BUDDY plates on the inside, this makes it the strongest security chain on the market.
- No screws to pop out when the door is forced.
- Chain made of sturdy gauge steel.
- Excellent security against home invasions.
- Available in many different colors.
- Image 1 shows the Bonus Bolt in position either to reinforce double doors or as a night bolt.
- Image 2 shows the High Security Chain in place as a Home Invasion deterrent (excellent for small children that like to answer the door).