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Ives Products

Ives products - Flush bolts, surface bolts and roller latches.
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Flush Bolt, Surface Bolts & Roller Latches

Ives Products - Flush Bolts, Surface Bolts and Roller Latches.

- Constant latching - inactive door remains latched until the active door is opened, releasing the automatic bottom bolt and then the top bolt can be manually released.
- Inactive door will relatch automatically when closed.
- Low actuation forces.
- Fits standard ANSI A115.4 door and frame preparations.
- Non-handed.
- 3/4” bolt throw with a 7/8” vertical adjustment.
- 3/4” backset.
- Standard rod length is 12”, which is measured from the center of the flush bolt body to the bolt tip.
- Body size: 1” W x 6-3/4” L x 2” D.
- Meets ANSI A156.3 type 27.
- UL listed 3 hr fire doors 8’0” x 10’0”.
- Metal Door Flush Bolt Set

- Standard surface bolt has 1” throw for maximum security.
- Ideal for all types of doors.
- Fully concealed mounting prevents vandalism.
- Available in locking version: unit locks in both the up and down position -locking bolts are furnished with 2 keys in 4 keying variations.
- Units packed with wood and machine screws to meet most field conditions.
- Units available with either a universal top strike (T) or a flat bottom strike (B).
- 1630 series is constructed of heavy duty steel.
- UL listed up to 3 hours when used on the inactive door of pair up to 8’ in height.
- Meets ANSI/BHMA A156.16, L84161.
- Sex bolts available where required.
- Bottom Surface Bolt.
- Bottom Surface Bolt (Locking).
- Top Surface Bolt.
- Top Surface Bolt (Locking).

- Actuation is simple, closing of the door causes the roller to fall in the depression of the strike, thereby holding the door closed.
- The projection of the roller is easily adjusted using adjusting screws on the face of the unit.
- Maximum projection of the roller is 3/8” allowing for variance in the door clearance.
- Nylon roller standard.
- Forged brass construction.
- Meets ANSI/BHMA A156.16, E19091.
Body - Strike
- 1” x 3-3/8” x 1-11/16” - RL30’s C/W Ansi Strike.