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Lock Saver® Aerosol, Grease Oil & Cleaner / Degreaser

McKinney Concealed Circuit, Single Action Spring and Full Mortise Interim Hinge.

Lock Saver® is the world’s first extreme performance lubricant for lock care and hardware maintenance, engineered with U.S. military tested and proven lubrication technology.

- Longest lasting lubrication protection.
- Greatly reduces friction & wear.
- Repels moisture and condensation.
- Prevents galvanic corrosion.
- Won’t freeze or gum up.
- Frees frozen locks.
- Resists sand, dirt, dust, debris.
- Frees sticky mechanisms.
- Won’t clog loosely fitted parts.
- Lasts months, not weeks.
- Effective at - 53°C to + 232°C.
- Works on metal and composites.
- Resists wash-off, wear-off.
- Generally harmless to wood, rubber, plastic and composites.
- Non-toxic, environmentally safe.

Lock Saver® Aerosol
- Penetrates hard-to-reach places.
- Delivers short, high pressure burst of lubricant with fine aperture extension tube straw.
- Minimizes salt crystals, dirt and debris build-up.
- Applies very fine, semi dry coating of sub-micronic particles for barrier protection.
- Made with the finest corrosion inhibitors.

Lock Saver® Synthetic Grease
- Lubricates and protects accessible larger surfaces and disassembled locks, safe and vault mechanisms.
- Delivers excellent, long lasting lubrication and corrosion protection.

Lock Saver® Synthetic Oil
- Low viscosity lubricant ideal for hard-to-reach parts.
- Liquid consistency allows for pumping and even distribution.

Lock Saver® Cleaner / Degreaser
- Non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaner.
- Properly prepares locks for lubrication.
- Water-based, neutral pH formula.
- Emulsifies organic substances on contact (lubricant build-up, dirt & debris).

- 0.5 Oz Syringe of Grease.
- 0.4 Oz Syringe of Oil.
- 8 Oz Jar of Grease.
- 4 Oz Cleaner/Degreaser.
- Lock Saver® 12.65 Oz Spray.
- Lock Saver® Lube 6.1 Oz Spray.