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OEM-MFG Products

OEM-MFG File Cabinet Bars and Lockaid pick guns for locksmiths.
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File Cabinet Bars & Lockaid Pick Guns

OEM-MFG File Cabinet Bars for burglar protection and lockpicking Lockaid pick guns for locksmiths.

- The OEM swing away file bar is fully reversible and is constructed of a heavy 16 gauge formed steel.
- Chrome plated to provide a pleasing look.
- Securely locked with a padlock.
Multi-Point Locking Design
- The red inner slide bar interlocks with the specially designed locking lug hinge at each drawer opening to engage bar in locked position.
Spring-Open Action
- A slight upward motion of the red inner slide bar releases all lock points, permitting the built-in spring loaded hinge to swing bar clear of drawer openings. Engineered to give sufficient clearance for unrestricted access to adjacent files when locked or unlocked.
No Storage - Accident - Damage Problem
- Since file cabinet bars become an integral part of the file cabinet, and swing clear of drawer openings, they solve the problem of storing heavy bars in the office.
Simple Installation
- Installed with sheet metal screws or pop rivets. Whichever method is used, the integrity of the fastener is protected, since the points of attachment are completely covered by the bar in the closed position, effectively preventing surreptitious entry. The bar can be installed without opening the file cabinet or disturbing its' contents, all in a matter of minutes.
Drawer - Length
- 1 - 11”
- 2 - 21-1/2”
- 3 - 33-1/2”
- 4 - 45”
- 5 - 56”

- LOCKAID is made of cold rolled steel with a brass knurled adjusting nut to control tension on the needle while picking.
- Supplied with 1 each of offset needle (.025), straight needle (.025), straight needle (.035) & 1 tension wrench.