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Southwest Specialty Products

Southwest Specialty Products diversion safes for your home or business.
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Southwest Specialty Products

Diversion Safes

Southwest Specialty Products Diversion Safes.

Remanufactured into unique storage safes, these 100% genuine product containers are perfect for your home, schools, RVs, boats, camping and office. Your diversion safe looks exactly the real product because it was remanufactured from the original container. All our CAN SAFES™ are designed, with a seamless screw-off top or bottom, to allow concealment inside the container. Our books are carefully hollowed and fitted with a secret storage compartment.

Personal Items
- 30021C Desenex
Household Items
- 10001C Ajax
- 10012C Book Safe
- 10013C Book Safe Lock
- 10014C Hidden Wall Safe
- 10041C Flower Pot Orange
- 21006C Del Monte Potatoes
- 21007C Del Monte Sliced Peaches
- 21031C Blueberries
- 40012C Oil Treatment
- 40021C Gunk Tire Cleaner
- 40026C Gunk Motor Flush
- 40027C Tite Seal